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Zoom released very soon!!

Jul 24, 2021

 Hola queridos estudiantes,
English: I have received a message letting me know that very soon we will be able to have classes on Zoom. to me that is a great news. You do  not need to worry because you can use either one: zoom or skype as you are doing until now. 
Spanish: He recivido un mensaje diciendo que muy pronto podemos usar Zoom para las clases. Esto es una gran noticia para mi. Ustedes no tienen que preocuparse porque pueden usar cualquiera: Zoom o Skype como lo han hecho hasta ahora.
English: As the message says:
"It will be a while before all tutors are able to connect to Zoom, because it will be realeased in stages, starting from July 21st, 2021"
Keep looking for your tutor's information about when it will be avalibale for each of them.
Thank you and all the best to you all. 

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