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Why I became a tutor

Weekly Topic: Why did you decide to become a tutor?

Oct 11, 2021

I've always enjoyed teaching and I love to see how my students grow.

Their journey becomes mine and I am extremely honoured to form part of their process.

When I started engaging with non-native students 4 years ago, I became aware how important English competancy is to them. This is a language I have had the luxury of speaking for nearly 43 years, yet the proficiency of which I greatly undervalued.

Without a shadow of a doubt, English is the only undeniable, global language.It serves as the official language of international trade, diplomacy, mass entertainment, international telecommunications and scientific publications.

It is little wonder then that non-natives view the learning of English as a passport to the global economy. The ability to speak and understand English can literally improve the quality of someone's life. So whether it means qualifying to study abroad or being able to emigrate to a first-world country, English proficiency is the vehicle.

I am extremely proud of my recently acquired IELTS-certified coach/tutor qualification.

The opportunity to help someone realize their dreams through English compentancy, is a gift I truly cherish.

I hope to have the good fortune to enrich many English-learning journeys.

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