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So why don't you use this grey season to work out in the comfort of your own (climatized!) home with Cafetalk?

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May 18th - June 30th


July and August are near! Are you motivated to get fit and toned for wearing short pants and skirts, or maybe even going to the beach? So are we here at Cafetalk! But before we reach the sunny months of July and August, there is the rainy season to get through...

In late May and through June, the weather is grey and rainy, all the while being hot and uncomfortable. Instead of feeling like working out, most people start to feel blue, and some people even experience low blood pressure and light-headeness...

So why don't you use this grey season to work out in the comfort of your own (climatized!) home with Cafetalk? On Cafetalk, you can take Yoga or Fitness lessons, whenever you feel like it, from your very own home. And did you know that doing Yoga or other physical activities has a number of positive effects on both your mental and physical health other than just making you feel better about your body?

Did you know that people who exercise regularly tend to feel less stressed and anxious? Especially Yoga (mixed with meditation and breathing exercises) can help reduce your stress levels.

For mental health, sleep is essential. Did you know that exercising regularly will help you sleep better?

Exercise can also boost creativity, which can help you perform better at work!

Exercising regularly is linked to a number of health benefits, including: Increased brain and heart health, boosted longevity, and it has also been shown that exercise can fight brain degenaration, including diseases like Alzheimer's.

Exercise may also prevent cancer, helps with back pain and also increases bone health!

The information provided here is mostly based on this article, which gathered information based on scientific research done around the world.
There are countless reasons (other than getting that beach body!)
to exercise regularly. So grab your children or pets
(most of our tutors don't mind it if your kids or pets are present)
and improve your life quality - even once a week helps!

All lessons are purchasable at a discounted price only during the campaign period♪

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