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Hello everyone! I am a homeschool Japanese language teacher, Miki.Kw.

I was born in Osaka, Japan. I now live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan with my Taiwanese husband. I used to teach Japanese at an afterschool class. Now I teach both at my school and Cafetalk.

(Feature of my Lessons)

We practice Chinese to Japanese translation in most of my lessons. This is because, from my many years of teaching, I know this translation practice really works well for Chinese speakers to learn Japanese. Learning a grammar can be done in a short period of time, however, it takes more time to be able to carry a conversation in the second language. I hope I can help you to reach that level, practicing Japanese with you over a long time span.

(My Lessons)


・Let's become able to make a correct sentence in Japanese.

Japanese for Everyone (N5~N4)
Master the Grammar (N4~N3) with Using Translator's Workbook
Quick Master N3 with Using Translator's Workbook
Quick Master N2 with Using Translator's Workbook
Quick Master N1 with Using Translator's Workbook


・Let's practice until you become able to say what you want to say.

Smooth Conversation with Using Translator's Workbook: Interactive Translation (Lower-intermediate to advanced level) over Everyday conversations, Travel, Business scenes... etc.

Topical Conversation: Free conversation over the specific topics (Beginners to advanced level)

Translate Journal to Boost your Expressions: Translate Chinese Journal Entries into Japanese. (Intermediate to advanced level)

Pack of 4 Lessons

・One lesson per week. You can decide what to learn in your lessons.


・Less Stressful

・You will have a lot of opportunities to practice speaking.

・Make lots of mistakes! I will support your learning all way through. :)

We can practice together until you master it. I will never get disappointed by any of my students. If you are now sure how to say something, you can tell me in Chinese too. I will try my best to explain to you.


I go back to Osaka two or three times every year. While I am in Osaka, (about a week to two weeks per visit), I will temporarily close all of my lessons. 

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