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Hello everyone!
My name is Jacob and I am a teacher from Poland qualified in Russian and Polish languages... Cześć wszystkim!  Всем привет!

        ㋛ Learn Polish and Russian with Me

⁂ My experience and backgronud ⁂
I graduated from University of Gdansk with MA degree in Russian Language and Literature. I also completed postgraduate course from Ateneum - University of Gdansk being rewarded with the Graduate Diploma in Language Teaching. In addition, I have completed specialized Russian Language courses in Sankt Petersburg and Moscow.

During my work experience I have conducted classes for learners of different ages (teenage students and adults) in small groups of 3-4 persons, large groups of 15 people and for individuals as well. I've been working in Foreign Language Centers in Poland since 2013. 

For last two years, during the two-month summer break I organised the language courses in different colleges in South India. 

1. Master of Arts degree in Slavic Languages & Literatures (University of Gdańsk, Poland)
2. Postgraduate Diploma in Language Teaching (Ateneum-University in Gdansk, Poland)
3. Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism (High School of Social Communication in Gdynia, Poland)

1. Certificate in Counselor Education (Pro Caritate Gedanensis, Poland)
2. Russian Language course for Business Communication (Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Russia)
3. Intensive Russian language course for level C2 (Pushkin state Russian Language Institue in Moscow, Russia)

⁂ My teaching style ⁂
I feel confident and qualified to take on the challenges that teaching offers. Along with my skills and experience, I bring a positive energy to the class and satisfy student's expectations. I always create trusting atmosphere through openness to individual student's strengths, weaknesses and personal learning styles. I combine challenge and fun to create stimulating learning environment.

My teaching style encourages students to take an active part in a lesson. I am super patient, so don't worry about making mistakes!

I conduct classes in a friendly atmosphere, but each student must be aware that his commitment is essential. I am a responsible person and I respect my student's time, that is why I am a kind of demanding tutor, too.  I believe that my greatest teaching strength and passion for languages is my ability to understand each student unique requirements. That is why I am sure I can assist the student to achieve as much as he can.

⁂ Classes and courses ⁂
The best way to prepare a proper class is to interview а student first, check the level, find out about the purpose why he/she wants to learn the language and what are the expectations from the teacher and from the course in general.

★★★ Level check and course consultation for first timers ★★★

I offer courses for different levels:
1. Polish for Beginners.
2. Russian for Beginners.
3. Polish Conversation - Different Levels.
4. Russian Conversation - Different Levels.
5. First Time in Poland - Travel, Hotel, Restaurant.
6. First Time in Russia - Travel, Hotel, Restaurant.
7. Polish Grammar.
8. Russian Grammar.
9. Master Your Polish - Advanced Conversation.
10. Master Your Russian - Advanced Conversation. 

★★★ Level check and course consultation for first timers ★★★

During my courses (after your level check and consultation), you will first learn how to express yourself properly in Polish or Russian and talk about yourself. After that, we will build up your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation, listening, and speaking skills. 

During the course you will also learn about sociocultural aspects of learning language, since national mentality or lifestyle play a huge role in the field of communication. You will find out about traditions of the country, cultural differences, slang, etc.

Remember that continuation is the key to raising your language skills. However, it may be hard to notice an improvement if you only take lessons once or twice a week. 

Want to start learning Polish - one of the most difficult language the world has ever spoken? Want to increase your Russian speaking ability? Want to improve your listening comprehension? Want to be able to understand your Polish friends, or Russian breaking news and headlines? No problem! I will help you fulfill all of your language goals, so let's start this adventure together!

★★★  If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message ★★★ 

⁂ In my free time ⁂
I am a kind of a backpacker. I travel in a summertime and cooperate with different NGOs, where I share my skills and energy. 

Apart from languages, my great passion is stop-motion animation. I also started to take private trumpet classes. 

I used to work as a journalist, but teaching and the interaction with students is my real passion. 


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