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【Abacus】In half a year to do in a year
Things to do in half a year in 3 months

Children who are busy with homework and lessons.

Even so, I am taking motto of being able to learn abacus well in balance!

●The teacher is such a person!

Hello, my name is Aya Tama, an abacus instructor! We teach students in a small number of abacuses classrooms.

I took an abacus lesson for 3 to 3 years and I got paltry first grade.

Even now 20 years have passed, my mind is an abacus brain.

By touching abacus from a childhood, you will become more resistant to concentration, memory, mental arithmetics and computing power comes.

I am glad that I also continued to abacus with lessons! We are confident that we would like you to challenge by all means! It is easy to understand and teaches politely ☆

●One-to-one is impossible in an abacus classroom

What kind of thing do you firmly wear in the classroom that is large?

I just can not understand it clearly What is not going on?

TamaAya lesson will support until the student understands (Waka)!

●Contest attendants successively!!

We will improve the level with the aim of the test.

The examination is very important, it is like a ruler you can understand at a glance at what level students are able to understand.

  • One-to-one learning method tailored to your child

  • Learning the foundation

  • Back up the certification

  • Speed enhancement

We also have a great deals course!

●Soroban classroom is near!

I am not a tutor
Without going to the classroom
With a computer and a camera
It feels like I am in a classroom!
Parents are also relieved
You can watch over,
You can use time effectively!

In fact, the teacher taught in the classroom himself, so you can learn with confidence!

Even those living overseas who are studying Japanese, of course, can take courses with peace of mind! Also, since the teacher himself is studying to attach the English brain, if it is caught in the language, it would be greatly appreciated if you could consult us.

People who want to work hard with the teacher This finger and rare!

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