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Hello! I am Mieko. (^O^)/ I am a Japanese teacher who has passed the Teaching Japanese Language Course, which requires 420 hours of coursework in total. I also passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test on my first try. Now I teach Japanese at the local language class or at home.

↑ This temple is in my neighborhood.

I enjoy going on a walk. I look for a cute café and a delicious ramen restaurant while walking in my town. My neighborhood has shrines, towns, and huge parks, and I enjoy seeing the coming and passing of each season in nature around me.

↑ There is a beautiful Japanese garden in an hour walk distance from my house.

Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka Prefecture, where I live, has a lot of nature. You can fish at the seaside, and people enjoy hiking a mountain in my town, too.

↑ At Lake Hamanako, which is in my town, you can fish both fish and clubs.

I am curious about everything, and I love getting to know people from having a conversation. "What did you do last weekend?" "Wow, was it fun?" "By the way, I love your shirt! Where did you get it?" ...Like this, I will ask you many questions.

My motto in my lesson is to have a good, enjoyable conversation together. From talking a lot, your Japanese conversation skill will skyrocket!!

At my home, I host an after-school activity class named Terakoya-Suzuki for elementary school students. I volunteer at the boy scouts and at the volunteer group that read for children, too. Taking care of the children while playing with them is my forte. You can send your children on my way. I will offer them exciting Japanese lessons!

Myself is a mother of two elementary school children too. My fellow mothers, who have moved to Japan from overseas, shall we share about parenting and motherhood experiences? While having a conversation, we can learn Japanese too!

I passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test on my first try. From that successful experience, I teach test-prep lessons for several certificates and examinations. What you need to pass the exams are analyzing the trend of questions and knowing your weak points to make them improve. Let me help you pass the JLPT and the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test!

I also have lessons named Chat about Parenting Experiences. (One is scheduled for 25 minutes, and another one for 50 minutes.) My fellow mothers, please use this lesson to talk about anything, to get relaxed a bit. (^O^)/

↑ My family enjoyed hiking when we visited Hokkaido!

My dream is to travel all around Japan and the planet.♡

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