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I’m very happy to meet you! My name is Jini.

I’m really excited to be meeting you all in my lessons very soon~♬~♪~

I will make sure you will have lots of fun in my lessons! We can talk about things you like or are interested in (ღ•͈ᴗ•͈ღ)

My major in university was Japanese culture and literature, but right now I’m studying hard everyday preparing for a Master’s degree in interpretation and translation.

By doing my best everyday to achieve my dreams I feel a lot of purpose!

I will always do my best to improve the lessons I can offer you! If you are interested in my lessons or would like to take a lessons outside of my available times, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime♪

  I look forward to meeting you in my lessons soon♪ ♡ͥ ♡ͦ ♡ͮ ♡ͤ

Personal History

While running my own Japanese school in Chiba I taught Korean for four years, and since coming back to Japan I’ve been teaching Korean online for about three years to Japanese students.

My Interests & Hobbies

I love comparing Korean and Japanese culture, peeking at my friends’ fun lives through Instagram and of course travelling, swimming, Yoga and walking my dog~

About my lessons

Whether you are just starting out with Korean or are already studying, I will do my best to support you with all I’ve got!

You never have to feel shy about making mistakes in my lessons. Let’s just talk a lot and I will make sure you’re going to level up your Korean skills! I will make sure to adjust the lessons to your pace and provide fun lessons for you, so don’t hesitate to book any of my lessons.

For beginners who speak Japanese I can provide explanations in Japanese, and for intermediate students upwards I will explain things clearly and simply in Korean.

I look forward to get excited talking with all of you soon!!


【Cafetalk Translation - 9/2017】

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