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Thank you for visiting my profile! 

My name is Ruth ルース and I'm a TEFL qualified, native English teacher from the U.K. I have experience teaching students of all ages and levels in Japan as well as teaching hundreds of students online.

I used to live in Himeji 
姫路市, Japan however now I live in Scotland in The U.K!

I loved living in Japan, especially being able to eat the most delicious food every day. Some of my favourites include okonomiyaki 
お好み焼き, takoyaki たこ焼き and udon! In my free time, I enjoy practicing aikido 合気道, cooking 料理, cycling自転車に乗るand learning Japanese日本語勉強.  I would like to return to Japan soon! 



Before teaching English, I studied hotel & hospitality management at university in Scotland (where I am originally from) in the U.K. & I have lived in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Dubai & Qatar where I worked in management for a multinational company. 

Maybe you have already realised that I also love to travel!! My favourite destination in the whole word is Hokkaido 北海道大好き. In August 2017, I travelled for 5 weeks all around Hokkaido by motorbike and it was amazing. The food was delicious, and the people were so friendly! 食べ物は美味しくて、人々は優しかった。

My teaching style can be different depending on your needs or the subject we are talking about. What matters most is that you understand! In all my lessons, you will be doing lots of speaking! I am very friendly & patient and would love to help you progress with your English!

Please feel free to have a look through my lessons & descriptions below and if you have any questions please send me a message :)


I look forward to meeting you!



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