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Hello, my name is Ana Gonzalez. I was born in the South of Spain, but have lived in many places in Spain, and around the world. Now I am living in Toronto, Canada: a great city with all kinds of things to do.

My Studies.

I have a Bachelor and a Masters in Philosophy, and a Certificate of Teaching Skills. I also studied Astrology with Casa Once, in Argentina, and I have studied English since I was a child.In addition, I trained Philosophical Counseling in Asociacion Española para la Práctica y el Asesoramiento Filosofico (ASEPRAF).

My Experience.

I have taught Philosophy and Ethics at the High School level. I have taught Astrology in small groups and online. I have students of Spanish who I am taking to the next level. And through my Philosophical and Astrological Counseling practice, I have helped many different clients.

My hobbies.

I have recently found a new passion; acting. You can see me in the photo in my role as “Simpson”, a maid, in a British play: Tons of Money.

My next goal is to perform in a musical. I also like running, and I run my first 10k this year. I didn't know I was able to do it, but I did! And books: I love reading all kinds of books: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Terror, Essays, and anything I can use to improve my skills. I also love to write. I have a few novels for children published, and am now working on different projects.

My classes.

To learn something new is to open a door to new experiences.

I like to teach, but I love to tutor! To be effective, learning needs to be a pleasant and fun experience. No matter how much or how little free time you have, learning with me will help you improve your skills. If you are more interested in knowing yourself at a deeper level, or in how to address a problem, we can engage in a journey that will help you understand yourself more completely through philosophical counseling. Or we can work toward your finding your place in the universe, through astrological counseling.

So… what are you waiting for? Please book a class!
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