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I’m Yuko from Osaka!
Thank you very much for being interested in my lesson;-)

★ About myself... ★

My major is international culture at university.
I also studied Japanese education for foreigner at university.

After I graduated, I went to China and taught Japanese at school for 1 year.
And then I came back to Osaka, worked at Japanese language school as a full time Japanese teacher for several years.

Then I changed my job to hotel reception for practice speaking in English and Chinese.
After few years, I went to Taiwan with working holiday visa and stayed there for 1 year.

Now I’m a freelance Japanese teacher and also tour guide in Osaka for oversea tourists.
I can’t open my lesson schedule a lot because of the other jobs but I’m very looking forward to talking to you in Japanese;-)

Please feel free to ask me anything about Osaka / Kansai traveling or tips about life, food, culture etc...

I’m a qualified Japanese teacher.
I have a lot of experiance teaching Japanese at school, private lessons, company.

Now my lessons on Cafetalk is mainly conversation, but if you have any requests please feel free to tell me.
I’ll try to arrange the lesson details as you like!

I love traveling;-)
I’ve been to many countries in Asia, Europe, America, Mexico etc...
Especially I love Taiwan, I visit there about once every half year.
I like short trip in Japan too, my favorite except for Osaka is Okinawa!

I speak English and Chinese and there’s no problem for communication but I still need to practice more...
One day, I want to be a translater.
I know it’s not easy to learn foreign language but it’s also really fun to discover new things!

Thank you very much for reading my self-introduction.
Looking forward to seeing you at the lessons!


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