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Hello everyone, I’m Kayo.K!

*To all beginner-elementary level students

I studied Japanese language education at university.


I have experience teaching Japanese in Japan and Thailand for over 8 years!

Be it grammar, conversation or writing essays,

I can teach you all aspects of the Japanese language.

Of course, we can also just talk!

Just let me know what it is you’d like to study♪


*To all intermediate-advanced level students

I have studied Japanese language education at university

and I have taught Japanese in Japan and abroad for over 8 years.

Since I have also worked in a Japanese company for 7 years,

I can teach you Japanese business manners as well as business Japanese.

I also provide lessons using novels and movies - something you don’t get to learn at school!

Please let me know what it is you’d like to study.

I will adjust all my lessons to your needs♪


My hobbies include traveling, mountain climbing, diving,

watching movies, reading books and eating good food.



I look forward to seeing you in my class♪


Cafetalk Translation - 4/2017

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