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Hello! My name is Fiona! I live in Okayama, Japan where I work as an English language teacher. I was born in the UK and lived there for nine years until my family moved to Australia

Some things about me...

  • I'm a qualified English language teacher and teaching is my passion! I'm also currently studying a Master's degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

  • I have taught English to students from Japan, China, Spain, Brazil, Greece, Italy... 

  • My youngest student is aged three years, and my oldest... 79 years old!

  • My hobbies include reading, swimming, cycling and playing with my miniature dachshund, Miya.

  • I have lived in three countries, and travelled to seven. I hope I can travel to many more in the future!

I'm here to help you achieve your goals in English, whatever they are. If you want to study for an exam, I can help you. If you want to practice English conversation, talk with me. If you want to relax and watch movies in Enlgish, let's find some good ones!

  • Why are you studying English?

  • What are the goals you want to achieve in English?

  • What motivates you to study English?

It's important for me to get to know my students well. Help me to learn things about you so I can create more interesting lessons for you! 

  • What do you like to do in your free time?

  • Do you play any sports?

  • What music do you enjoy listening to?

Please don't hesitate to book a lesson with me! I'd love to get to know you! Here's a few quick things about my teaching style...

  • To help you improve your listening skills, I teach English speaking only English, and provide only authentic materials. 

  • I'm still learning Japanese! Although I can generally understand spoken Japanese, it is preferred we try to use only English throughout the lesson.

  • I'll always give you feedback on improvements, pronunciation corrections, new vocabulary, etc.

  • As a teacher I strive to decrease my talking time, and increase yours. Be prepared to talk a lot!

Thank you for visiting my tutor page!



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