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I have taught English conversation for many years. I like to teach with subjects that are interesting to you. I teach popular phrases that are commonly used in everyday conversation.
I have helped many students with business presentations. Schedule a lesson, and send me your presentation material. I will work with you to make sure the English in the presentation is perfect, and that you understand it. I also help students with job interviews.  Send me your resume, (CV), and I will help you make a presentation for your interview.  For the students interested in U.S. news and events, I research topics of your choice, and write English lessons around the topic you choose. The lessons I teach, I want them to be interesting to you, the student.  You can go to my homepage, (http://casualenglishchat.com), and read more about my lessons and the many courses I teach.  You can also see the many pictures I have posted there.

I live about 250 KM north of Los Angeles, in Bakersfield California.  I lived in Tottori-ken, Japan in 1962, and 1963. At that time, I taught English conversation. I met my wife in 1962, and we got married in 1963. We travel to Japan about every two years

I enjoy travel through out Japan, Japanese History, and Japanese food. I have been a stock and options trader for over ten years.
Please take a look at my homepage.

Blog: http://casualenglishchat.com

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