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Welcome to my CafeTalk profile, and thank you for your interest in my lessons!

My name is Brian, and I would love to help you practice and improve your English language skills! 

My Teaching Style:

I teach in a casual way, and I focus on helping my students communicate clearly and effectively. Using natural conversation and interesting and fun materials, I will create a lesson just for you! You can check out my lesson list below to see the kind of lessons you can take.

Also, check out my feedback above and below my profile to see what other English learners have to say about me!

Where to start:

You are welcome to request a "Counseling Lesson" so that we can meet each other and make a plan to learn together, or you can request a lesson that interests you! 

Please don't be shy to message me if you have any questions. 

Thanks again for checking out my profile, and I hope to share a lesson with you very soon!

Happy Learning,
~ Brian

-------------------A little more about me:-------------------

My Teaching Experience and Qualifications:

I really enjoy teaching English! I have been teaching English in Thailand for almost 6 years, and have been a tutor on CafeTalk for 3 years. I currently teach 8th grade creative writing full time at Wattana Withaya Academy for girls in Bangkok, Thailand, and I teach here on CafeTalk on weekends. I specialize in teaching communicative skills in English, pronunciation and vocabulary. I am on my last year at university, and I will graduate with a BA in English and Linguistics.

About Me:

I am from Washington State, USA and have been living in Thailand for almost 6 years. My dream is to travel the world and teach and write while also doing my own businesses as well. 

Hobbies: I have many hobbies, but my main hobbies are reading, playing the guitar, exercising, playing MTG and traveling. I also love rockclimbing, hiking, and doing anything outdoors in nature. 

I am looking forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and helping you practice and improve your English!

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