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Hi everyone(/・ω・)/

My name is KIMI. I live in Kobe, Japan, and I am 31 years old.


My Hobbies

My hobbies are travelling, shopping and watching movies. My favourite movies are Harry Potter and Disney movies. My favourite Animes are Shingeki no Kyojin, Dragon Ball and One Piece. I look forward to talking with students who are also interested in Japanese Anime.


I also love fashion, nail art and anything fashionable(/・ω・)/))) I’m looking forward to having a fun, girly talk with you!


Personal History

After graduating from high school I went to university for four years and studied design, Japanese writing and international communication. I have always enjoying communicating with people from foreign countries and attended many lectures on international communication.


During my student years I worked as a private tutor or in the field related to my great passion: fashion. At the moment I work as a receptionist at a beauty salon, taking reservations for customers.


Of course I can teach you honorific and polite Japanese, and I will generally make sure to teach you correct and clean Japanese

(・ω・)ノ{Let’s spend a good time together!

Cafetalk Translation - 7/2017


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