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To my students who want to learn Nihongo, Japanese,

About Mei
I am a native born, professional Japanese and English teacher from Japan with 20 years' classroom experience and almost 5 years' online tutoring experience. I enjoy teaching all aspects of Japanese and English, including exam preparation (JLPT and EIKEN exams) to students of all levels. I specialize in international culture, teaching foreign languages. I've been teaching lessons to more than 1500 students so far. Including Italki, I teach more than 100 an hour lessons per month. 我教过中国学生,希望我也可以帮助你! 英語、日本語指導歴25年。教えた生徒数1500人以上。 初心者から上級者まで教えることができます。 毎月、合計して、Italki以外でも約100レッスン(1時間レッスン)以上教えています。 試験対策が得意です。 よろしくお願いいたします。

Me as a Teacher
Describing myself as a teacher, I would say that I’m very patient, motivated and flexible. I offer experience, guidance, and support to help students towards their individual goals. I have taken more than 4500 lessons online and I still feel as passionate about tutoring as I did when I first started. My students passed 私の生徒の合格実績(過去2年) JLPT  N1 1名 (アメリカ人) N2 1名 (アメリカ人) N3 1名  (アメリカ人) N4 4名 (アメリカ人2人・台湾人、イギリス人) N5 3名 (イギリス人・オーストラリア人・シンガポール人) 中国語 HSK1級 1名 実用英語検定1級 2名 英語検定準1級 3名 英語検定2級  6名 英語検定準2級 3名 英語検定3級  3名 英語検定5級 2名

My Lessons & Teaching Style
I usually use text books, internet materials, and so on. I'm a good listener with several certifications of counselor and therapist. Don't be afraid of making mistakes and please just enjoy speaking Japanese.

This is a review of my Brazilian student. She has taken my lessons 10 times.

'Koyuki sensei is very supportive and always tries her best to help her students to achieve their goals. Thanks to Koyuki sensei, I've become more confident with my conversation skills in Japanese. She is also helping me to improve my vocabulary and grammar skills by working on exercises based on JPLT. :)'


This is a review of my American student. She has taken my lessons 15 times.

'Koyuki sensei has taught Japanese for many years and her skills and expertise allows her to convey difficult grammar points to learners in an interesting and fun way that makes learning from her an excellent experience. Her lessons are informative and helpful and I learn a lot each time I take a lesson from her.'



This is a review of my German student. She has taken my lessons 11 times.

小雪先生 is a very enthusiastic and patient teacher. We are doing a lot of pair work excercises and role plays like they would happen in daily Japanese conversations. 小雪先生 teaches me new, interesting words which are very useable. She always supports me when I want to express myself in a difficult way. We often laugh as well and I think learning and laughing at the same time is a very good thing when someone is learning a language. Since she is using google documents for the lesson it is very comfortable to print it out and review the lesson. Every lesson with小雪先生 is a present for me. 小雪先生に合ってよかったです。 たくさんの文法と単語を教えてくださってありがとうございました。 いつも小雪先生と話すとうれしくなります。 小雪先生は私の特別な先生だから毎レッスンを楽しみにしています。 心から感謝しています。


This is a review of my American student. She lives in Seatle and has taken my lessons several times.

"Koyuki is a great patient teacher, she helps you feel confident in learning and gives you good clear feedback. Thoroughly enjoyed my lesson with her and will be taking more."



This is a review of my British student. He lives in Wales and has taken my sessions for 10 months.

" Koyuki-San is a very patient, kind and fun lady. Whenever I speak with her I always learn a lot and have a lot of laughs! On top of that she has great English which can be really helpful at times! I highly recommended Koyuki-San!"



This is a review of my British student. She lives in London and has taken my sessions for 9 months.

"Koyuki is a very good teacher. She is very patient and understanding and makes lessons fun as well.She is very enthusiastic and I have improved a lot since starting lessons with her.I would definitely recommend having Yuki teach you!"



This is a review of my American student. She lives in America and has taken my sessions for 3 months.

'I had another great lesson with Koyuki sensei. What a treat to find such an excellent teacher. She is kind, supportive and generous with her praise. She is able to explain difficult grammar in a way that it is easy to understand.'


This is a review of my Taiwanese American student. He lives in America and has taken my sessions for 4 months.

'小雪先生, is really lovely and cheerful teacher. I have so much fun lesson with her. See you next week. ありがとうございました。楽しかったです。次の授業が楽しみです。'


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