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Hello everyone! I am Riny.

Working as a professional pianist, I put my effort into teaching as well. It has been a great experience for me to teach piano online. As I have moved to Poland, without this service, it would have been impossible for me to continue teaching my students in Japan--as well as teaching many students I newly met in Cafetalk!

My personal goal as a pianist is making my audience see the power of music, and teaching piano also helps me reach that goal. It is my great pleasure to see my students playing the piano with a full of joy! 

Also, if you are preparing for any competitions, I can listen to your piano to give you some advice. I have performed in many piano competitions in Japan and abroad before, so you can count on me. ☺
Let us have fun and fruitful piano lessons!

♪Welcome, New Students!

Even if you are completely new to piano, do not worry! We can start learning piano with me slowly but steadily! Students of all ages welcome.

♪For students with some previous experiences,

For those who have previous piano experience, or currently practicing piano for any competitions, you are also welcome to request my lessons! I would love to help you polish your performance by finding your strength in piano.

♪For students who play the piano for fun,

Do you play the piano as a hobby? If so, you are welcome to take my lessons! How do you hope to improve your piano? I can customize my lessons to meet your needs and wants! We can set a clear goal and work for it slowly and steadily.

♪We can practice any piece!  

Even though playing the classics seems popular in piano practice, you do not have to choose classical piece all the time. You can play pop songs in the piano, and it would be great if I can help you master your favorite pieces!

♪For those who cannot read musical scores,

Do not worry! We can start learning how to read musical scores slowly, starting from learning some basic knowledge of music.

I hope to empower many people with the joy of music! See you in my lessons!

= About My Lessons =

I offer various types of lessons. If you are willing to take a one-hour long lesson, request two of my 30-minute long lessons, or request a lesson pack.

♪Ear Training

Become able to write down or play what you heard!

♪Foundational Piano (for Children Under 12)

Foundational piano lesson is for children under the age of 12. Even if your child has never touched piano before, that is totally fine! I can teach them piano step by step.

♪Beginners Piano

Even if you are absolutely new to piano, and no matter how young or old you are, I welcome you to my Beginners lesson! We can learn how to play the piano slowly but steadily!

♪Elementary Piano

If you have more than a year of piano experience, you can request my Elementary lessons, no matter how young or old you are! Let’s Practice to reach the higher level!

♪Intermediate and Advanced Piano

If you have more than three years of experience with piano, or currently playing Bach or any higher-level pieces, you are eligible to take this lesson regardless of your age! Either aiming to become a professional or not, I welcome you to my Pre-Intermediate lessons, in which we can learn piano and music in depth.

♪Entrance Exam & Competition Prep

If you are practicing your performance for your music school entrance exam, or for an upcoming piano competition, I can help you achieve your goals!

☆Tutor Profile☆

Reside in Poland. Graduated from Showa University of Music, the Performance II Course. Performed Mozart’s concerto with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, which at the time Naozumi Yamamoto conducted, at the age of 6. Received worldwide recognition by performing and winning prizes at major national and international competitions from a young age.

Prize received: the first prize in the 6th Ettlingen International Competition for Young Pianists, Category A (Germany); the Silver Prize, the Prince Prize, and more at the 26th PTNA Piano Competition, National and Final, Class G (Japan); the First Prize at the Yasuko Fukuda Scholarship Audition; the 5th prize at the 5th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition (Japan); the 5th prize at the 7th Dublin International Piano Competition (Ireland), the youngest and the highest ranked winner as a Japanese pianist; the third prize at the Hilton Head International Piano Competition (USA); The third Prize at I Krystian Tkaczewski International Piano Competition (Poland); Performed at International Chopin Piano Competition in 2010 and 2015 (Poland); and more.

Orchestras performed with: the NHK Symphony Orchestra, the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra, the Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra, the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra, the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, the Cracow Royal Chamber Orchestra (Poland), and more.

Performed in concerts and solo recitals in Italy, New Zealand, Poland, France, and Japan.

Other Prize and Membership: Utsunomiya Cultural Awards (宇都宮市市民賞、宇都宮市長特別賞), Kawasaki Cultural Award (川崎市アゼリア輝賞), Member of Japan Federation of Musicians, and more.

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