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ॐ General Introduction:

Hi, I’m Jasmine, a yoga teacher, fitness trainer and a spiritual consultant. I have a long-term experience with yoga (meditation, astral projection and lucid dreaming), sports (swimming, aikido, kickboxing, fitness and dancing), as well as consulting (both spiritual and non-spiritual).

ॐ Learning Yoga~

Is yoga for everyone? Can anyone learn it?

Yoga is an ancient art with both physical and psychological benefits. Together with becoming stronger and more flexible, it is a good way for us to release tension, stiffness or pain. On the other hand, it helps us calm down, clear the mind and by boosting focus and concentration, it helps us deal with all of our daily-life troubles and concerns.

I offer classes adjustable to everyone, no matter if you are young or old, a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner. We do everything together, I give clear instructions in English, show each movement, correct and give tips on how to do it better and improve each pose.

ॐ Learning Meditation ~

Just like Yoga, Meditation is an ancient art beneficial for everyone. The meditative state is a natural state of mind which everyone needs to achieve daily in order to fully grasp the meaning of life and (almost) always stay joyful and fulfilled. Meditation is not anything strange, unusual or difficult. On the contrary, it is the most natural state of mind, that we have, due to the busy modern-style contemporary fast-pace life, completely forgotten how to achieve.

In my guided meditation lessons I take you on a journey far back, when humanity was peaceful, joyful and everyone was in tune with themselves and their souls. Post-session you will feel calm, relaxed, grounded and at ease. Welcome!

ॐ Learning Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection ~

Have you ever wondered what OBE is (Out of Body Experience)?

This is when our body is asleep and our soul leaves the body to travel through time and space. Strange as it may sound, this is actually a completely natural occurrence which happens every night when we go to sleep, without us even being aware. There are ways to stay conscious and "awake" as well as how to gain control over where you want to go and what you want to see during this experience. However, this takes practice and dedication. When you master OBEs, you gain insight into how the Universe functions and you learn more about yourself and your surroundings. If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to reserve my OBE introduction lesson, or the AP / Lucid Dreaming lesson pack.

ॐ English Conversation Practice ~

Although I did not choose language classes to be my primary field on Cafetalk, I am still an experienced English teacher (I have been teaching English to students of all ages, from around the world, for over 7 years). I love English conversation and meeting new people. The atmosphere in my classes is casual and relaxed. If you feel like chatting, you are welcome to join me. I always offer many topics to choose from, even if you are not sure what you would like to talk about. My pronunciation is clear and I can adjust my English level to beginners, intermediate and/or advanced speakers. See you!

ॐ Fitness and exercise ~

I believe it is of great importance to stay in good shape and be fit in order to stay physically and psychologically healthy and happy for a very long time. For me, fitness is a way of life. I am working in Serbia as a Cardio Fight instructor, a fitness program which I invented, after years of experience and dedication in fitness and martial arts. Cardio Fight is strength and conditioning training that uses elements of mostly kickboxing and Muay Thai, but also taekwondo, karate, kung fu, Brazilian jujitsu, capoeira, yoga and tai chi qi gong.

On Cafetalk I offer classes for each body part (lower body, upper body, core) as well as different types of trainings: cardio – where our heart pumps fast, we jump, move fast and sweat a lot; strength – where we do more static body-weight exercises and movements with dumb bells which help us build and tone muscles; as well as flexibility – where we work on stretching muscles to prevent injury and relieve stiffness and pain. I also offer (my favorite) Cardio Kickboxing class and Advanced Kickboxing where you can learn how to punch and kick properly, learn various self-defense moves, and at the same time, build muscle strength and stay in better shape!

The reason I chose to teach so many different kinds of exercises is because I think all of them are important. I believe everyone should do all: cardio, strength and flexibility exercises. This does not mean that we should train for several hours a day (especially if we are not professional athletes), but I merely would like to suggest exercising 2-5 times a week, with doing a different exercise routine each time. For example: Monday – cardio, Wednesday – core, Friday – lower body, Sunday – upper body and flexibility, etc. to get the most benefits!


In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Jasmine ॐ
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