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Hello there! My name is Katrina and I am a native English speaker from the United States. Currently I am based in Australia where I have completed my studies in the past three years. 

Get to know me! Here's five fast facts!

  1. I am an experienced English teacher that has been teaching non-native English speakers since 2015.

  2. Whenever I travel to a new location, I like to cook food that is native to that area.

  3. I practice Kyoushin karate!

  4. I listen to J-rock, J-pop and K-pop.

  5. I've taught students from over several nationalities!

Here are my most popular lessons:

English for Children 

In "English for Children", I use a variety of materials to help your child kickstart their English. Our main focus is to improve your:

  • Intonation and Pronunciation 

  • Vocabulary and Grammar

  • Conversational Skills and Overall Confidence

For beginners, I like to use popular online programs. We begin with simple phonics and move on to vocabulary and sentence  structure.

Intermediate and Advanced Students

For more fluent students, I often send textbook material and require students to have a notebook. Through our lessons we work on more advanced grammar and essay structure. 

English for Adults
For adults I like to use various online material.

A normal lesson consists of:

  • Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Exercises

  • Article Reading

  • Video Response

  • Grammar

  • Conversational Practice

"English for Adults" includes:

  • Powerpoint Presentations

  • Textbook Material

  • Videos (with or without English subtitles)

  • Conversation Topics

We can learn on any level you wish!

Finally, as your teacher, I would like you to think about this quote:  "You know you are fluent in a language when you are able to dream and think in that language immediately". Keeping this in mind, let's work hard when achieving your goals!

Keep in mind that you can receive detailed feedback at the end of each lesson! (Written feedback can be given if requested.)

When you leave written feedback, you can receive a 10% discount on your next lesson!

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