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Hello! Nice to meet you! I am Nain but you can just call me Nain sam. Sam is 샘 or 쌤 which is the abbreviation for teacher(선생님) in Korean. ^^

I have liked meeting new people, had foreign friends and interacted with many foreigners by supporting them. I've learned a lot of experience from them and taught them Korean language and our cultures

My lessons are actually for Japanese speakers except speaking lessons, but fortunately almost every one of my lessons are speaking section :) Actually I am not very good at speaking English but it could help you because you have to speak Korean to communicate with me. At least I can read English well and understand what you write so we can communicate each other. You should find a grammer lesson or beginner lesson with different instructors if you just started to learn Korean and want somebody who can help explain Korean grammers to you in English. I'm sure there are some good 선생님 here. My lessons would help you improve your Korean speaking and listening skills if you want to practice your Korean you've studied. I will see if you speak Korean correctly and correct your pronunciation when your Korean is wrong. You can text me anytime when you have a question while talking to me on Skype or after lesson. I will do my best to help you, thank you for reading :D 

You can try any lessons except "韓国語一歩一歩"

즐겁게 공부합시다!


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