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Even if  you can not understand Japanese, I can teach you grammar and vocabulary in Japanese. I have teaching materials and methods to make it possible.


My name is Nozomi.
I was a teacher at a Japanese language school in Tokyo!

I was teaching Japanese to international students from various countries, such as China, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia and Nepal.


I can offer you the same level classes as Japanese language school!
Let's study together and have fun ^ ^


★ For biginner ★

Please do not get nervous ^ ^

Speak slowly, talk a lot of Japanese, let's step up steady! !


★ middle advanced level ★

Let's aim to further level up such as grammar and conversation!


★ Other ★

Frequently asked questions such as animation and music are welcome ^ ^


〇 After graduating from university I worked at a trading company for about 5 years.
→ There are also experienced people, so you can also teach interview practice and business manners!

After retiring from a trading company, I attended a Japanese language teacher training course and got a qualification.
After that, I was a lecturer at a Japanese language school in Tokyo.

〇 I currently live in the town of Vejle in Denmark!

I like watching musicals.
I like to eat!
I am also interested in cooking in various countries (^ ^)

Anyway I love animals! I had a dog and a cat!






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