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Hello, learner! My name is Anastasia, I am a native Russian speaker, and I know what's going on in your head right now. You're thinking: I want to learn Russian, but how do I choose the right tutor? Do I even need one?

As a language teacher with 4 years of experience, I can say that a tutor is not necessarily a mandatory link in the chain of learning. However, having an instructor is absolutely vital at the beginning, when you're making your first steps towards proficiency.

As your personal instructor, I'm going to give you an honest feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and design a learning program that fits your needs. My programs include elements of grammar, speaking and pronunciation practice in the proportions that are perfect for your learning style.

I am very flexible about my teaching method. I have a good eye and can identify your strong and weak points in language learning. I can give valuable recommendations on what will work well for you. At the same time, I take into account your preferences and look for compromises in the learning process. If you become my student, you will feel extremely comfortable and cared about.


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