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I am Ulyssis Bacharo, a teacher from the Philippines currently working in Thailand. Like you, I am also very inetersted in learning other languages. English is among the languages which I think I succeeded in learning. My degree is teaching secondary level Mathematics and I have been teaching for more than 10 years now. Here in Thailand, I am not only teaching Math, I also teach English and Science. As a passionate teacher, I have a deep connection to students who struggle in their academics. Besides teaching full time, I also do tutorials of different subjects to students of different levels. Here in Thailand, where most students don't speak English or barely speaks the language, I have felt the value of learning to speak their language in order to connect with them. In exchange, I learn thai by teaching my students how t speak English. Learning another language is fun. Come! Let's enjoy it together.

I don't only teach kids, I can also be a good conversation partner discussing ideas, philoso

phies, humor, and appreciation of life itself.

English Tagalog Primary School Junior High

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