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Nice to meet you. My name is Miyuki Tomiyama. 

Even if you can’t read music

Even if you’ve never touched a piano before

If you’d rather learn your favorite songs over Bayer practice songs

and learn how to play them easily, quickly, and with style those are exactly the kind of lessons I want to offer!

I run a slightly unconventional music academy where about 90% of the students are adults, and about half are men. I also teach piano, voice, and music theory at universities.

I have 15 years of experience and results as a Japan Music Therapy Association accredited music therapist and I perform music therapy at senior homes and hospitals. 

☆ Miyuki Tomiyama's Profile ☆

Miyuki Tomiyama is from Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan. She has studied music theory, solfege, and classical piano under Miho Nagata and Toshihiko Omote, vocal music under Shinobu Fujimaki and Sakiko Arai, the electronic organ and jazz piano under Norio Goto and Hitoshi Sakakibara, pops piano under Yuri Tashiro, rhythmics under Sadako Kuroiwa, and music therapy under Kiwa Matsui.

She teaches keyboard instruments such as piano and electronic organ, as well as techniques such as sofelge at Music Core Miyuki. In addition to working as a piano teacher, preschool educator, and music teacher, she also works as a part time music therapist Japan Clinical Psychology Research Institute, which is headed by Kiwa Matsui, former vice chairman of the Japan Music Therapy Association. She is also a member of Mr. Matsui’s band, ムジコサイコロジア (Mujikosaikorojia).

In addition to being the CEO of Music Core Miyuki, she is also a member of the Soroptimist International Yamanashi Chapter, a Japan Music Therapy Association (JMTA) accredited music therapist, and a specially appointed instructor at Minosuban University (Children’s Studies course in the Faculty of Social Welfare).

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