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Hello, my name is Aya. I am a Japanese person who lives in Tokyo and I have been studying Italian for about 20 years. I have done translation work, helped Italian tourists visiting Japan both in general and as a guide, and taught Japanese via text and Skype as a side job while working at a hotel, then a card company.  

Have you ever talked to a Japanese person, observed their reaction, and thought “Hmm, did I just say something wrong?”

When I studied Italian, my teachers often taught us that “Even if your grammar is correct, if you don’t understand Italian people’s customs and thought processes, you may come off as rude.”
My teacher would pause the lesson and tell us about Japanese customs that seemed strange from an Italian perspective and how Italians would think in those situations, which was not only helpful during trips to Italy, but also when making Italian friends and establishing close work relationships with Italian people.

That’s why I also want to share with you, either in Japanese or Italian, the customs and thought processes that affect how Japanese people would interpret different ways you might say things! Let’s work hard together!

Recommended for people who:
-don’t have the time of study grammar in detail, but want to chat with Japanese people or learn a bit of Japanese before traveling to Japan
—> In this case I will give the lesson in Italian

-are studying Japanese and want more chances to practice speaking
-want to understand Japanese customs and thought processes in order to learn how to approach the language from a native’s point of view
—> In this case, I will give the lesson either in Japanese or Italian

-want something to supplement their regular Japanese courses
—> In this case I will explain difficult sections by comparing them to Italian

On the other hand:
-if you want to learn grammar in depth starting from the fundamentals
-if you want lessons that will help you prepare for an exam
—> I’m very sorry!

There are many wonderful tutors on Cafetalk who may be a better fit! :) I’m rooting for you!

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