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Thank you for visiting me.  I am Takayo who live in Germany.

Calligraphy teacher 
I am teaching how to write beautifully in Japanese.

yoga, jogging, travelling, baking sweets and cooking 

☆Cafetalk lessons ☆

●Japanese conversation lessons

Calligraphy(Shodo)with pencil or brush pens
●how to Japanese write Japanese neatly

For students interested in learning how to properly speak Japanese. I can talk slowly and provide you with a fun time taClking with me.

 Japanese is a very unique language. Learning how to read and write can take some time. Nevertheless, with effort and practice, you too may learn how to properly communicate with others in Japanese. Let’s spend some time together so you can achieve this goal!


I’m Takayo, a former flight attendant for an international airline and a parent of three bilingual daughters living in Germany!

I have been learning Japanese calligraphy since I was 6 years old, and I would like to teach you how to write beautifully.

↓↓ Recommended for the following students.

  • I don’ have confidence in my handwriting.

  • I want to be able to write in front of others without hesitation.

  • I need to write by hand because of my profession.

  • I want to write vertically.

  • I want to write quickly with a pen because calligraphy is too complicated.

  • I want to write more beautifully.

  • I want my child to learn to write hiragana and kanji whilst having fun.

  • I want to write letters to my loved ones.

  • I want a new hobby.

  • I want to learn how to concentrate.

  • I want to learn about Japan.

  • I’m interested in meditation, but I can’t do it with my eyes closed.

  • I want to lead a quiet life.

  • I want a teacher who lives in Europe because of the time difference.

\ I will listen to the concerns of each student and carefully provide individualized training to address the issue that they want to solve. 

【Target Students】

Kindergarteners to adults

Japanese or students from abroad studying Japanese

【Things to Prepare】

B or 2B pencil

Two sheets of paper with vertical lines

An eraser

【Free Live Streaming】

On Instagram @takayoshodo, I have a monthly live show on writing Hyakunin-Isshu, and I also offer free correction. Please feel free to follow me on Instagram♡

【Calligraphy Biography】

Studied calligraphy under Mx. Koka Ono (小野幸香) since the age of six.

Member of Zanka-kai (斬華会).

Currently studying calligraphy by correspondence with Mx. Shigemi Yokomizo (横溝成美).

Calligraphy instructor at a Japanese school in Germany for 10 years.

Calligraphy seminar lecturer at universities, schools and museums in Germany.

Instagram @takayo_in_germany (offering daily updates on what’s happening in Germany.)

Organizer of online calligraphy workshops.

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