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Hi ! I am Hasshii


Right now I am working for a research institution in Tokyo as an interpreter and also as a translator.  Before this job, I worked as a simultaneous interpreter and also as an English teacher in Japan for 5 years. Before that, from 1992 till 2002, I was in Los Angeles for 10 years and worked for a nonprofit organization named Interconnection Center as the director of the problem solution programs for the racial diversity.  Also at that time, I served as the Japanese Language teacher in the community service program for the local people for nearly 10 years.

From 1982 till 1989, I worked for the nonprofit organization in New Delhi, India. There I was working as the director of the problem solution programs for the religious conflicts. There also we used to have Japanese Language class for the people in India, and I served as a teacher for 7 years.

So if you are interested in learning Japanese Language, I can teach you from basic. Or those who want to brush up your proficiency in Japanese speaking, or want to improve your Japanese reading and writing ability, I can be the perfect teacher for that. I can teach you in English and also even in Hindi if you want.

If you are a Japanese and want to learn English, I can teach you from the basic level to the level of professional interpreter.

I can help you to improve your English proficiency by correcting your grammatical mistakes again and again till you become able to speak perfectly. And when you need a detailed explanation, I can explain you in Japanese till you understand completely.

Those who are interested, please contact me !

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