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Hello! I’m Saya, a qualified Japanese teacher. I also teach basic English and English pronunciation. My lessons are all customisable, so let's talk how we're going:)





My hobbies are travelling, taking photos, visiting museums, hiking and going out with friends. I'm interested in languages, culture, art, architecture, nature, animals, etc.




I currently work for a small computer company as an information designer and proofreader. Before that I was working as a proofreading manager for a couple of years in a different section. I use to work in the hospitality industry in Japan and overseas.


Field of Study


I graduated from technical college related to animals. Now I study Japanese linguistics, Japanese culture, comparative culture, etc. at university in the evening.


Teaching Experience


I’ve helped students at a Japanese language school for 5 months. It was a brilliant experience as the students were from all over the world! By supporting teachers and students as a teaching assistant, I learnt a lot and had a wonderful time with them!

Also, I’ve provided English lessons for a Japanese business person privately.


Teaching Style


My lessons are flexible, friendly, relaxing and fun. Teaching is one of my passions and I try to make the lesson interesting and meaningful for each individual student.

I think I’m good at giving detailed explanations. I’m focusing more on a natural way of speaking than a “correct” way of speaking, but I can adjust the level of correction as you wish.

I basically use Japanese when I teach Japanese. You can still use English when needed, then I’ll try to help you in the best way.


Learning Experience


As far as I remember, I’ve learnt English, German, French, Latin, Korean and Indonesian. Although I only speak English and a little bit of German, learning languages interests me so much and I love to find the culture through the language.


Living Abroad


I did Working Holiday and language study in Germany and Ireland. Living in Europe was very interesting because their culture is completely different from mine. I enjoyed the scenery, nature, architecture, lifestyles, food, beer, etc. as well as travelling around!

And after living abroad, I became more curious about my own culture. That’s one of the reasons I study Japanese things at the moment.



Thanks for reading my profile. If you got interested in my lesson, I recommend you to take a counselling session first:) Looking forward to talking with you soon!





* Please refrain from recording the lessons.

* If you won’t use your web camera, the lesson will be held without my web camera too.

* I'm afraid I only offer lessons for adults at the moment.
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