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Hello everyone

My name is Malina and I live in Switzerland.
I love Manga, Anime and cooking very much!
I have been to New Zealand and Australia for a few months, so I can speak English fluently.

First of all, I check your level and then we can decide what kind of lessons we make. I teach Japanese grammer for beginners (N5 to N3), make conversation courses for a subject of your choice. If you wanna travel through Japan, I can also teach you useful phrases and provide you with information;))

so let's study Japanese with me and have some fun!!!
And if you want, I can teach how to make Japanese food (miso soup, sushi, makisushi, tempura, oyakodon, katsudon, whatever you want!) :))
Also if you wanna use Manga for studying, it's no problem to do so;))

I cook everyday Japanese dishes:)

Japanese German

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