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Hello everyone. My name is Naomi.

I grew up in Kyoto, which used to be the capital of Japan.

Growing up, I had a lot of opportunities to meet people from overseas and this got me interested in international cultures and languages. Ever since I was a kid, I would wonder what people were talking about in other languages and think, “It’s so cool how they can just switch to another language like that!”

I started learning English at age 2 and started learning Korean during middle school.

Now, I have the opportunity to put those skills to use at work. I also have friends all over the world and it is a lot of fun for me to travel abroad and talk to them in their native language. 

Why did I decide to become a teacher?
During college, I lived in a share house in the city and most of my house mates were international students. Helping them with their Japanese homework is what inspired me to become a teacher. My house mates were from all over the world, but I noticed that people who spoke the same mother tongue would make similar mistakes.

Since I am also interested in speaking foreign languages, I thought, “I want to teach people Japanese and be able to explain things to them in their native language” and decided to enroll in a teacher training course. 

My teaching style
My goal as a teacher is to help out anyone who is interested in Japan and wants to learn how to speak Japanese.

Most of my lessons focus on working on the student’s problem area. Before the lesson, I will ask you about what you have the most trouble with. Then during the first half of the lesson we will work on those difficult/problem areas, and during the second half of the lesson, we will reinforce what you learned via game style exercises and practice drills.

I also offer English and Korean lessons for Japanese people.
Please feel free to book a session.

I can speak 4 languages, so if you are having trouble understanding something, I can explain it to you in your native language and give you guidance on Japanese grammar patterns that speakers of your language often have trouble with. Let’s have fun working towards your goals together. 
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Tokyo, Sanno Institute of Management, MA in Psychology
4 years experience at a Korean restaurant in Shin Okubo 

If you have any questions, please ask me in Japanese or English during the lessons.  

Cafetalk Translation - 7/2016 


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