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Hello, everyone.

I am Yoom, a Korean tutor at Cafetalk.

I'm a Korean language tutor, but at the same time I am also a foreign language learner just like you. Therefore, I always prepare the curriculum from the perspective of a student studying Korean.

In addition, as I majored in Korean language education and have taught Korean offline, I would like to provide lessons for various levels of Korean language learners, from beginner to intermediate and advanced based on those experiences.

I will be happy to help you learn Korean if you have any of the following problems:

   Those who are worried that you will forget how it feels to speak in Korean 
Those who want to speak Korean language in a natural way like Koreans actually do
  √ Those who want detailed and helpful feedbacks
  √  Those who find it difficult to prepare for the TOPIK exam alone
  √  Those who to start learning Korean from the beginning

- TOPIK  쓰기 Correction & Feedback (TOPIK 쓰기)
- Korean Free Talk & Feedback (韓国語フリートーク)
- Korean Pronunciation Correction (韓国語発音矯正)
- Korean for Beginner (初級韓国語)

  [Educational Background]
- Y University : master of Education in Korean Education as a Foreign Language
- F University, Russia: as an exchange student
- K University: bachelor of Russian Language

  [Research Interest]
A Study of Greetings Expressions in Korean Language Materials - Focusing on the Context of Business Situations-


- One-on-one lessons for expatriates of Japanese M company
- G University, USA : Korean TA activities for short-term language learners.
- Y University: Korean language도우미 activities at Korean Language School
- K University: Korean language도우미 activities at International Education Academy

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