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Hello, my name is Richard. I studied Philosophy at Cambridge University and Education at London University.

I usually live in Matsuyama in Shikoku, but I am in England now for a short time, I hope! I have taught English for 20 years. I teach specialised English at university (Medicine, Science, Engineering, and Business) but I also really enjoy teaching culture, literature, and history in English. I also do exam classes (IELTS, EIKEN, TOEFL) and my students ALWAYS pass! I have guided hundreds of students through IELTS classes and my most recent student got a level 8 result. And it's ALWAYS fun! 
    I'm interested in travel (22 countries, and Iceland was great ), food (Japanese is the best, English is the worst), and culture (societies have strange customs!). I also like literature: Murakami Haruki, Higashino Keigo, and Shakespeare!
    At the weekends, I play football with the International team in Matsuyama or I dig up wild vegetables in the mountains!


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