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Nice to meet you. I’m Rie_yoga and I am a yoga instructor. 
Please call me Rie

I offer fun facial yoga lessons, as well as standard yoga lessons with facial yoga woven in.

Don’t worry! Even if you’re not flexible or this is your first time doing yoga, my classes are accessible for everyone.

You will feel a difference in flexibility by end of the lesson.


Basic Yoga for Absolute Beginners・・Yoga Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
・・Flowing movement matched with your breathing
Healing Yoga・・Relaxing yoga for improved flexibility
Restorative Yoga ・・First rate relaxation to help you recover
(We normally use a bolster, but you can use a cushion or blanket if you don't have one)
Chair Yoga・・yoga and strength training to help prevent seniors for becoming bedridden, falling down, etc.
(Yoga you can do at the office!)
Facial Yoga・・anti-aging exercises that target laugh lines and crows feet!

I can also mix the lessons based on your situation/preferences.  

Registered Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance RYT200 Teacher

I have completed the following teacher training sessions

White Lotus Foundation (Santa Barbara,California)Teacher Training  /Vinyasa Flow Style     -2008-

・Restorative yoga 

・Facial yoga  

I have experience teaching preventative and rehabilitative yoga and exercise to the elderly and have also taught at Asagaya Studio Lohas Lohas. 

I currently teach yoga lessons in Hatchobori and Musashi-sakai and give guest lessons at senior homes and facial yoga seminars at metropolitan hotels. 

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