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Nice to meet you.

My name is Machika and I am a psychological counselor and Japanese teacher on Cafetalk.

I earned my mental health counselor's license about 7 years ago, and have put it to use through volunteer counseling work. 

When you’re feeling hurt or are bottling things up, just having someone there to listen will help you feel better. I hope to help you get it all off your chest. I also provide counseling services for parents, specializing in single mothers, so please feel free to book a session if you're interested.

I also offer a lesson on changing your perspective through positive thinking. You will be surprised at how naturally you pick up positive thinking skills as we practice together during class. 

If you don’t have anythig specific you want to discuss, but just want somebody to talk to, we can talk about your work complaints, or anything else you may not be able to talk about normally. If you find that you have trouble talking to the people around you, I have a conversation lesson to help you overcome your shyness. I will teach you tips and tricks on how to get through small talk!

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Psychological Counseling

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