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For English learners

I am a Japanese who has lived in the UK for over 5 years and Italy for over 20 years. I worked at the reception desk of a five-star British hotel. I also have experience raising children, so I can offer lessons on reading books and singing songs to your children. Having lived abroad for a long time, I can give you some tips and advice on learning English or living abroad that you couldn't learn in English classes at school. In addition, even though you've learned English, your English can sound "blunt" depending on the tone of your voice and the way you say it. Therefore, I can also provide you lessons of English intonation practice. Sometimes a little bit of exaggerated expression is necessary for your English to sound "natural"

We can also compare the casual English spoken between friends with the polite English used in customer service in lessons. I try to make my lessons fun and funny for you. Let's make your "lesson plan" to make sure you have a clear goal in mind, and make yourself an active English speaker, not a passive English learner. I'm going to conduct my lessons with an aim of "20% theory and 80% practice". I hope to see you soon in my lesson!


For Japanese learners

Hello. I teach Japanese for beginners (level 1 & 2) in Italy (I use the textbook, "Minna no Nihongo"). Let's practice Japanese together and master "Hiragana/ Katakana/ Kanji" and Japanese skills of "Grammar/ Reading/ Writing/ Listening/Speaking". I offer lessons of role-playing conversations which aim to memorize certain phrases, free-talking conversations where I will ask you some questions, and phone call conversation practices where we will turn off the Skype screen and talk without looking at each other's face, etc. We can also practice the polite and normal forms, learn gender-appropriate ways of speaking. I will use free Japanese websites as materials so the lessons will be fun and useful.

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