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Malvin Lo

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Hello Hello!

My name is Malvin and I am an English teacher from Toronto, Canada.

I've taught in classrooms for 3 years, and have been supporting students online for 3 years too.


I think its amazing we can connect across the world, and I'm looking forward to supporting more students!


I was born and raised in Canada, and grew up with friends from many different cultures.

This has made me interested in many languages, foods, cultures, and history.


Teaching Style

Everyone is unique with their learning style.

I'm happy to create lessons to fit your unique goals, interests, and learning style.

I am patient and a careful listener, so we can work at a comfortable speed for you.

If you have a lesson idea, tell me and I can research and create a lesson customized just for you.


At the end of each lesson, you'll receive a feedback and summary document. Homework can be provided too if you'd like.


   // Request a free trial lesson with the coupons!

   // It can be casual.

   // Chat about your interests, goals, and what you want to improve.

   // We can see if we are a good teacher-student fit together!

I think learning languages should be fun!

If we enjoy the learning process,

learning becomes a fun activity, not a job.


Just like movies and music.

We remember our favourite music and movies easily.

Learning languages can be natural and fun too!


Together you can learn real life situations, casual conversational English phrases,

and even slang if you'd like!


Connecting with people around the world is so interesting for me,

and I'm excited to get to know you!



I'm looking forward to meeting you!





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