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●Teacher presentation

Nice to meet you!

I'm teacher Mika, I've been living in Barcelona since June 2019 and my child is 4-7 years old. I teach abacus to a lot of people. Before that, I worked in Japan for more than ten years in a medical institution.

I went to a small abacus school in my town for 3 years from the 3rd grade. My teacher, who had a kind yet stern sense of humor, taught me the joys of the abacus. I was bored and was not good at difficult things, but it was the only lesson that lasted for me (lol). It was there that I learned the importance of concentration and persistence.

People often say that people calculate abacus in their heads, and it's true! The calculation methods and mental arithmetic that I learned at that time are deeply rooted in my life and will be useful for the rest of my life.

The world is becoming more and more convenient, but the abacus is not only for calculating, but also for helping people to live and work. I think it's a good teaching tool to learn the elements you need to learn to do in the future. It got a bit formal... ^^;

I have been thinking about how I can help people who want to start abacus through the internet. It's a great opportunity for people who don't have a class near them or who want to start at home as a hobby to have fun together. If you don't have a class near you, or if you just want to start at home as a hobby, you can enjoy taking lessons with me! I found Cafetalk and became a tutor.

 Why don't you join me to learn Abacus (^^)


Abacus Proficiency Test Level 1, Cognitive Abilities Test Level 3

Target audience

I teach everyone from kids to adults (especially beginners).

It doesn't matter what country you live in, I will do our best to accommodate your needs. I take into account time differences and will do my best to accommodate your wishes.

I try to make the lessons gentle, fun and polite.

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