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Hello! I am María Florencia and I live in Argentina, South América

I was born in Córdoba, a city in the inner of my country with beautiful landscapes full of hills and streams. Now, I live in the capital of Buenos Aires named La Plata. It is a small and administrative city near the widest river in the world “Río de La Plata”. My native language is Spanish

About my experience

I am an anthropologist with a postgraduate degree in teacher training, I am also a TESOL teacher with a Diploma in English, and I have a master's degree in creative writing. I started learning English in high school and I loved the English language so I decided to continue studying at a British Institute, where I got a Cambridge First certificate. Then when I became a teacher in subjects like Biology, Anthropology, etc., I also wanted to be an English teacher, so I focused on teaching English as a second language. Personally, I believe that language and culture are connected and that my anthropological and teaching sides meet all the time while working as an ESL teacher.

I have done some translation/localization work for some agencies, both international and local, from English into spanish and some writing contents, both in English and Spanish

My teaching experience

I have a lot of experience teaching students at all educational levels from the university, where I taught anthropology for 13 years! To the secondary schools, there I taught Science and Biology, to the elementary schools where I gave archeology workshops; and even in kindergarten, where I have given some workshops on storytelling. Regarding online teaching, I was a tutor in an international company giving answers in English on biology topics to American high school teenagers, and now, I am very fortunate to work as an ESL teacher for Japanese since April of this year 2020. I enjoy very much when japanese students ask me to have a free talk in Spanish and I can use English as a médium to explain new Spanish words or Spanish grammar rules

What do I want to do in my life / hobbies

I love teaching and was doing this job before graduating. I began teaching while studying at the university at the Museum of Natural Sciences of La Plata, which is also the first museum of Natural Sciences in Latin America and the fifth in the world in terms of Natural Sciences. I used to give archeology and ethnography workshops to children and they used to love learning by visiting the Museum halls and exhibitions such as anciant argentinian mummies, dinosaurs, huge prehistoric mammals that originated here in Soth America!. I continue teaching since then, and I will not stop learning from teaching and for teaching!

I love to tell stories, write poems and tales, cook cakes and I love nature!. I also enjoy different cultures and learning about traditions, cultural differences and how other people see the world.

I usually write stories for children and teenagers and I would love to edit and publish my own book in a coming future. I also have a blog where you can find and read some examples of my creative writing. I also have experience writing a script for a children's theatre play.

I think that I am a very creative, kind, patient, flexible and motivating teacher who loves to teach both children and adults. And I would be very grateful if I could teach you and meet all your interests and needs on this learning journey. I hope to hear from you to start learning with engaging lessons!. Sincerely, Teacher María

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