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I’m Akiko.

I have experience doing narration, dubbing foreign tv shows, appearing in domestic tv shows, etc. Now I focus mainly on recitation events. 

☆What I can share with you☆

★Perhaps you speak in front of others often, but have trouble delivering lines, don’t have confidence in your voice, or would like to resolve other voice related concerns. If you would like your voice to be heard by someone outside of your normal circle, I can listen to you and give you advice.

★If you are interested in voice related work, but can’t start at the moment due to your current financial or living situation, I can help train you.


Let’s take full advantage of Skype and work through all of your concerns and make your wishes come true.

☆My Profile☆

To introduce myself briefly, after I graduated from a metropolitan voice actor training center, I pursued my dreams by continuing with dance, voice training, and other performance workshops, while gaining some experience with theater.

I have a wide variety of experience including dubbing foreign dramas, doing voice overs, narration, games, appearing on television shows, appearing in videos for corporations, reading aloud performances at preschools and junior colleges, etc.

I have done about 15 voice related jobs. As far as picture, theater, and recitation performances go, I have done over 40. 

☆About the Lessons☆

♪I will listen to each and every one of your concerns and create a completely customized lesson.

For example, maybe you are worried about how you sound when you talk to clients at work. In that case, I will play the role of the client, have you talk as you normally would, then give you feedback on any words that were unclear.

If you have trouble with any of the 50 sounds of Japanese, we will do intensive lessons with a training textbook.

Generally, my lessons are about helping you play up your strengths.

If you would prefer that I be strict about pointing out your weaknesses, I can do that as well, but based on my own experiences, I think it’s better to improve upon your strong points.

☆In conclusion・・・☆

If you’re interested but would like to get to know me before getting started, please request a trial lesson.

Please tell me more about your voice related concerns in advance so that we can get the most out of our 15 minutes together.

Also, please at least two desired lesson times. Sorry for the trouble!

Let’s polish up your one and only voice!

Translation: 7/2015 - The Cafetalk Team 

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