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Hi. My name is Brian.  For those of you who are business executives, I have an international business background spanning almost 40 years.  I was born in Canada, spoke English at home, but all my schooling was in French.  Years later, while living and working in Latin America, I acquired Spanish as a third language.  

How can I serve you?

Since starting to teach on Cafetalk more than 5 years ago, I discovered something remarkable:  Many of you already speak English quite well!  So what you're looking for is no ordinary course of study. What you hope to find is a unique program that will help you achieve a truly professional English... quickly and efficiently!

So that's what I decided to create.  My secret?  I designed all my own lessons with one objective in mind: your needs

Let me explain.  Most English courses are generic.  They are designed with everyone in mind.  Mine are highly specific.  They are designed for professionals, like yourself, who understand the importance of mastering English, especially for your career.  Also, because you are very busy, every minute counts.  So what you need is a course where you can make a lot of progress in a short time.  To use a common business idiom, what you want is a lot of bang for the buck!

What makes my courses so unique? 

First, all my training is in business, finance and economics.  I also teach very advanced classes in Yoga philosophy and I'm a writer. 
So I don't teach "regular English". That you already know.  What I teach is professional English, the ability to express beautiful, sophisticated and compelling ideas! 

All of my courses condense 10 to 12 hours of study into 2 or 3 hours of work. But you only pay for 1 hour. That's why my courses are so valuable.  Why do that?

If you are a professional or a student working on a PHD or Master's thesis:  you're busy!  And if you want to master English, you need something very focused.  That way you achieve your goals a lot faster.                

If this intrigues you, just find a 25 minute slot in my schedule and sign up for a free trial lesson.  This will give you a much better idea than pages and pages of flowery prose.  

I look forward to meeting you.

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