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Hello! I am Italian and a professional teacher from Verona. I have studied Japanese and Spanish as well as Conference Interpreting (Italian, German, Spanish) at the University of Vienna, in Austria, both master's degrees. I have lived in different places: Italy, Austria, Japan and Spain. Now I am living in Spain and studying Chinese.

I have taught kids as well as adults and I think that in order to be a good teacher you have to be a lifelong student first of all. Somehow, you have to be in love with study and the subject you teach :)


I focus on speaking and comprehension skills, as these are the most difficult ones. The problem at the beginning is that you first concentrate on grammar and understanding what you read, but you miss to make that information your own. That’s right: you need grammar! But you can still learn to speak and to get used to the new rules having fun at the same time from the very beginning. How? First of all, I try to speak with you in the target language from the very beginning, so that you get used to the new sounds as soon as you start learning a new language and I motivate you to speak. I will also explain you how people of the target language think, why do they say it the way they say it. You will understand the way they see the world as well as their culture. I don’t want to bore you any further, I would be very glad to show you what I mean! I have already had successful stories in my life and I am glad for my students, because with every step they took forward they felt they have achieved something important to them.


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