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Hi there, I'm Eva. I'm a language teacher from the U.S. ヾ(^-^) 
If you're interested in learning English or Spanish, I'd love to teach you! 

☆ My qualifications: 

I have a 120-hour TEFL certificate, and I taught English for 2 years in Japan's Wakayama prefecture. During my time there I taught at 5 different junior high schools as well as teaching adult English conversation classes.

In college I majored in Spanish, and I also have experience teaching Spanish to children and tutoring college students, and have lived in Mexico for two years. (If you'd like to see pictures of life, food, and travels in Mexico, take a look at my Instagram.)

☆ About the lessons: 

I'll cater to your level and goals, so if you want help with specific areas, I can help you work on improving your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening skills, etc. too. During lessons, I try to have fun and use topics that are interesting to you. (Enjoying learning is super important!)

☆ About me: 

My hobbies are traveling, doing yoga, cooking, hiking, reading, dance, running, and painting. 
If you want, we can talk about any of these things in our lessons - recipes from other countries, how to talk about anatomy and do yoga, etc. (^_−)☆

☆ Reading in English: 

If you want to improve your reading skills or vocabulary, take a look at my website with news articles for English students: www.enewsdispatch.com

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