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A big hello to you from the Big Apple!

My name is Cammie and I live in the United States. I have been an ESL Teacher for more than 15 years.  My students are all different ages, as young as 4 years old to as mature as 60 years old, so I am comfortable giving lessons to all age groups.  Additionally, I have taught students from all over the world - including many from Japan. Once, I even had a ex-policeman student from Canada, from Montreal (where French is the official language).

My teaching experience ranges from brick-and-mortar classrooms (traditonal classrooms with a large group of students at their desks) to private tutoring sessions in my home to online teaching. I have a Master’s degree, as well as a TEFL certificate.  I make my lessons fun and informative, so you are constantly engaged.  I have accumulated an abundance of ESL resources over the years to offer in class. Let me share them with you!

Teaching is a passion for me because I love to see the spark in a student’s eyes when he or she grasps a concept. It is true when people say teaching is a rewarding profession. I feel rewarded knowing I can improve someone's life. Plus, teaching can be a lot of fun!

What kind of person am I? Well, my hobbies include traveling (I once backpacked in Western Europe alone), cooking, playing Scrabble and learning languages.  I speak Chinese, French, Vietnamese, and a little Hungarian! I love meeting new people and I hope I can meet you soon in class!

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