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Hello! I am Aya and I am a professional Japanese teacher. I have a certificate from the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test and have experience teaching lessons on Skype and face-to-face for over two years. Let's enjoy learning everything from Hiragana/Katakana to JLPT tests! JLPT tests are hard, but I have taught lessons for each level. Now I am studing English/American literature at a correspondence university, so I can teach Japanese lessons in English.

I love watching movies, Anime, and reading Manga. I have written some fan-fiction novels . I like Osomatsu-san, Gintama, Kuroshitsuji, etc.  Shall we translate Anime or Manga words? Do you want to sing Japanese Anime songs? My lessons will help you understand what the characters are actually saying!

Japanese Junior High High School

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