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Hello! My name is Judy!

Can you guess where I‘m from? I’ll give you 3 hints:
The local food is clam chowder.
It’s baseball team is the Red Sox.
It’s famous for universities, especially Harvard University. 
Can you guess? Ok, I’ll give you one more hint: it is difficult to pronounce! I’m from Massachusetts, USA.

My Life in Japan

Wow! I can’t believe it! I’ve been living in Japan for 5 years!
I made a lot of friends from Japan, Australia and Korea!
I learned a lot about Japanese culture and food! My favorite food is pickled plum, 梅干し!
I found my soul mate, and we got married! He has a ramen restaurant! しょっちゅうラーメン食べてますよ!

Learn English with Judy: For Beginners


You can learn important vocabulary.
You can practice important grammar and sentences.
You can improve English listening.
You can have fun speaking English (for conversation and for travel).

Learning English with Judy: For Advanced

Before I came to Japan, I had studied a lot of grammar and vocabulary. I could understand my textbook reading and listening exercises. I thought I was FLUENT in Japanese because I finished an “intermediate” textbook. I was so wrong. When I came to Japan, I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t understand Japanese people and I couldn’t communicate my ideas or questions.

The problem was: I studied Japanese incorrectly. I focused on input, especially textbook input. No, no, no. It’s not enough. We need OUTPUT!

In my lessons, we focus on active output.
Can you answer basic questions confidently? (Why did you decide to become a nurse?)
Can you tell a short story? (How did you first meet your girlfriend?)
Can you retell a movie scene? (What’s your favorite scene from Harry Potter?)
Can you give your opinion? (How did you feel about yesterday’s news?)

I’ll help you express your thoughts. I’ll also show you advanced techniques to improve your listening, vocabulary memory and your grammar accuracy. Let’s get started!


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