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Nice to meet you! Please call me Jay.

My Mission:

To help you understand and be understood by speakers of your target language.

About me: 
I was born and raised in the United States. I currently live in Seattle!

My hobbies are studying languages, making music, painting, reading and my YouTube channel. j-eikaiwa.

I graduated with a degree in Linguistics and Japanese in 2016 from the University of Utah. 

I also studied abroad in Japan, where I learned just how much fun learning and teaching a new language can be. That's why I want to be able to teach you English! 

Whenever I am not teaching, I'm usually producing or composing music under the pen-name; jrins. Which you can listen to here!

If you're looking for a teacher who... 

Uses technology to enhance learning,
Works hard for you to help you reach that next level in your language studies... 

Then look no further! Sign up for a lesson today!


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