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Hello! My name is Akko. I graduated from an American university.

When I was there, I worked at their ESL office, and handled their students’ visa application, enrolling to the program, and many other things such as campus activities. I really enjoyed interacting with people from different countries, and all the experiences were priceless and precious for me.

Since I was interested in different cultures, I worked as a conversation partner, and helped many people learning Japanese.

After graduating, I came back to Japan, and started working for an office furniture company as a sales in Tokyo.

After few years, I was transferred to Osaka, and worked as a receptionist at their showroom. I was in charge of pretty much everything, and I really loved working there.


However, I changed my carrier a few years ago, because I felt what I wanted to do was teaching English, and Now, I work for one of the largest Language institute as a professional English teacher.

My hobbies…

What I like the most is watching American TV shows. (I’ve been watching a lot of them since I came back almost every day...) I also like watching sports, especially baseball, both armature and professional.


I really like traveling whenever I have a chance. Because I wanna see the world! Since I have my friends who were exchange students, I love to visit them every now and then. Especially, I go to South Korea often to see my friends, so I know a little bit of Korean too :)



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