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Hello, I'm MOMOKO!

I offer body maintenance lessons including stretching, workout, and massage for each student, and dance lessons for children.

Moving your body will give you good nutrition for your body as well as your mind! Why don't you have a refreshing sweat during your free time? ♡

I am currently living in Germany.

Before coming to Germany, I studied anatomy, education, and choreography through contemporary dance at a university in Canada (Post Secondary School). In Japan, while working as a dancer and a professional choreographer, I taught theater dance and jazz dance at a children's theater company and a dance studio.

I learned the importance of knowing one's body as I faced my own body. Self-care is important not only for dancers but for everyone. I would like to share it with everyone!

photo by: Cylla von Tiedemann

photo by: Sarasa Uchiyama

Even beginners will learn to understand how to work out, stretch, and massage!

Most of the lessons begin with a slow stretch, a workout that focuses on the inner muscles, and finally a massage for the neck, shoulders, and feet, including a cooldown.

Taking advantage of the one-on-one lessons, I offer personal lessons tailored to each student.

For example,
・ For those who are worried about a lack of exercise, a lesson that incorporates cardio training (exercise for improving cardiopulmonary function and health promotion) focusing on workouts
・ For those who are concerned about stiff neck and shoulders, a lesson in which stretching and massage are focused on the neck and shoulders
・ For those who want to aim for hip-up, a lesson that incorporates exercises to train the lower body
・ For those who want to learn to relax, lessons centered on yoga and massage
・ Let's take dance lessons and enjoy exercise lessons

I try to provide lessons that will satisfy all the students who take my lessons.

Please feel free to let me know your physical condition and the purpose of the lesson when you make a request!

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