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It's wonderful to meet you! 

A little about me:
My name is Tracy and I live in the United States in the state of Texas. My family owns a small farm there, where I work to take care of our many animals. Some of my hobbies are reading, playing video games, studying languages and crocheting. I also bake and cook a lot. 

Education/qualifications and Experience:
I specialized in Linguistics/English in college, with a minor in Anthropology (I especially enjoyed all of my sociolinguistics classes which combined both linguistics and anthropology!) During college I tutored underclassmen who were studying Japanese. After I graduated, I worked in Japan for a year teaching English. I taught at an Eikaiwa school and twice a week at public schools, to middle school and high school students. My students ranged in age from children to retired adults. 

My Teaching Style:
I am a really friendly teacher and I love interacting with my students and enjoy laughing and learning with them. I work hard to make my students feel confident and comfortable. In my classes, I try to make each lesson cover as many points as possible, from speaking and listening to pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary to give each student the best lesson they can get. I encourage questions and even suggestions (You know how you learn best, so please tell me if you need something different than what I am doing. (: )I have lessons to help students with Speaking, Reading, Vocabulary building, Expressions and Idioms, Writing, Listening, and Grammar. And don't forget my Crochet Lesson, where I will teach students how to crochet, from the very basics up to completing a beautiful item of your choice.
*Please note that if you are taking a lesson for the first time with me, no matter what lesson it is, I will always do a self-introduction to discuss your English goals so that I can understand and help you to the best of my ability.

(During lessons, I also encourage students to have a drink! We will talk a lot during every lessons, so it's good to have a drink to keep your voice from getting tired.)

Please come and have fun learning new things with me!

*Special Note: I understand Skype has caused a lot of trouble for many people lately and does not always work. However, if we are unable to connect on Skype, I have an appear.in room available. Please make sure to check our lesson page if you are having problems and let me know in the Cafetalk chat box! I will provide the link for you and we will have our lesson at appear.in instead. I will charge the full cancellation fee for lessons that are cancelled last minute due to Skype problems. 

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